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Kamal Raja was born in Amsterdam, to a Pakistani father and a Mongolian mother. Since his childhood he knew what he wanted to be : Famous! At the age of 12, Kamal did his very first audition as a dancer in which he did all kinds of stage performances. His willpower and ambition continued to grow and he knew he could do more than just dance. He was discovered by an agency that gave him a start in musicals. By doing a lot of international musicals he acquired the confidence to sing. Without any musical background he decided to do demos and recorded a few tracks. With his first demo CD he met a with some record labels in Belgium and Germany, but did not get very far. After the disappointments he decided to move on and do other things.

 At the age of 19 Kamal worked as an administrative worker in an office. He was one of the finest and was liked by his boss. Soon he was promoted and took on increasingly more work in time. However music was always present in Kamal’s life, he continued to practice every day after work. Inspired greatly by western music he progressively shaped his way of making music until he was in a position where he had to choose between a stable job or an uncertain future following his passion. He followed his dream: Dream as if you have forever, and live as if you have only today.

Kamal Raja has been signed BOLLYWOOD ZONE RECORD LABEL April 2011 with « No Clue ft Salah Edin »(first solo single), « UFFF », « L.A.M » and « 3 SAAL » (first single album). He will be the revelation of the year! 8th of April will be the worldwide release of the music video « No Clue ft Salah Edin ».

First album coming soon...

Lose Control

Lose Control

Release on December 2013…

3SAAL (Think About You)

« 3SAAL is about a girl I left 3 years ago, maybe I left her but she never left my mind. It’s time to tell you the story behind the name, it’s time to make a confession ».

No Clue

“No Clue”, Kamal Raja’s new single WAS ready to hit the streets, clubs and the charts. This single perfectly combines the Pop/R&B with Desi touch at the most natural way. Together with Kamal’s smooth vocals, featuring Moroccan rapper Salah Edin, completes the track with his Arabic flow. Salah Edin is known for numerous his tracks and featured songs with artists such as Wu-Tang Clan, Outlandish, Sefyu and Bishop Lamont. Kamal Raja is the new talent that will further enhance the reputation of the R&B/Pop/Desi music troughout the whole world as musically aspiring, forward looking and ambitious towards his own unique style; one that can successfully add another level to this fast growing scene!


After the smash hit of his second single “UFF”, Kamal RAJA offers a new version of his talent with “L.A.M” which is to remind us that not only he can be a romantic guy but that he can be someone else… guess who?  Three capital letters “L.A.M” which sound like a gang signature. It is a short and enigmatic title as are usually Kamal RAJA’s songs titles. Everything in this single is different from what Kamal RAJA has been doing up to now. It is a complete change in his dress style,  his body language, his music and his lyrics.


Kamal RAJA’s rocking new single is was released on December 16th and for sure, this was the next big smash hit of the year! The clip opens on Kamal RAJA ready to go out. He is wearing his Cousteau watch, his silk tie, and a hazelnut-coloured silk suit made by two great fashion designers. He is a self-confident man ready to conquer the world. He gives a final touch when he puts on his rectangular sunglasses created by a famous Parisian luxury brand as he steps out of his beautiful mansion.



The Album

The final album coming soon... Stay tuned!


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